Selfie vs. Mashie: What is the Difference?


What is the difference between a selfie and a mashie? The simplest answer is that a selfie is a "me-snap" whereas a mashie is a "we-snap". A more complete answer is that a selfie is a single snap of one's self with the optional inclusion of one's friends, whereas a mashie is a composite snap of one's friends with the optional inclusion of one's self (source: Vision page of In both answers we define a snap as a photograph, video, or 3D hologram taken from a post-PC device, such as a smart wearable, portable media player, smartphone, or smart tablet device.


Selfie vs. Mashie: Why is it Important?


As Internet storytelling transitions away from a somewhat stilted me-centric selfie era to a more naturally authentic we-centric mashie era, authors, content creators, and social media celebrities will gravitate toward a new set of collaborative social experience applications. These new apps will be purpose-built to capitalize on the ever increasing creative powers and editing capabilities of today's mobile post-PC devices (media players, smartphones, tablets) as well as entirely new classes of wearable mobile post-PC devices in the near future, including smart bands, watches, glasses, and lenses, such as Microsoft Band, Apple Watch, Google Glass, and Microsoft HoloLens.


These new wearable, mobile collaborative social experience apps will empower everyday users to become Internet storytellers, enabling them to quickly and easily share interesting life experiences and unique adventures with friends, colleagues, family members, fans, and followers around the world via the cloud. The primary difference, however, between today's Internet storytellers and tomorrow's storytellers is that the new emerging class of social experience apps will allow tomorrow's story to unfold in real time. That is, without users having to locate a traditional mobile device in their pockets, but instead just communicating with their wearable device and collaborating with the wearable devices of friends participating in the same social experience.


In summary, we strongly believe that once next-generation collaborative social experience apps and personalized wearable mobile devices become widely available, accepted, and adopted, social media's current obsession with the me-centric selfie will begin to wane, thereby making way for an entirely new era, one that is inherently collaborative and fundamentally more we-centric.


Selfie vs. Mashie: What are the Benefits?


Based upon a solid understanding of how a mashie differs from a selfie and why mashies represent a critically important form of expression as social media transitions to a more we-centric post-selfie era, we can now explore the specific benefits of mashie snaps versus selfie snaps using the comparison diagram below.

We refer to the visual comparison diagram above as Post-Selfie Internet Storytelling: Transitioning from the Me-Centric Selfie Era to the We-Centric Mashie Era Powered by the Cloud. It is organized in a rectangular matrix with three columns and five rows. The middle column contains the following five core dimensions for relative benefit evaluation: Experience, Focus, Authenticity, Creation, and Engagement. The first and third columns display specific benefit values for mashies and selfies, respectively.


Reading the comparison diagram from left to right and top to bottom, the core dimensions and corresponding benefit values for mashies and selfies are:


  1. Mashie Experience: Our Story
  2. Selfie Experience: My Story
  3. Mashie Focus: About Us
  4. Selfie Focus: About Me
  5. Mashie Authenticity: Natural
  6. Selfie Authenticity: Posed
  7. Mashie Creation: Collaborative
  8. Selfie Creation: Solitary
  9. Mashie Engagement: Interactive
  10. Selfie Engagement: Static


Examining the list of benefits above, one can clearly see that Internet storytellers who wish to share an experience about "Our" rather than "My" story, focused on "Us" rather than "Me" with "Natural" rather than "Posed" authenticity, captured and created "Collaboratively" with storyline participants rather than "Solitarily" without co-creators and coauthors, and published to the cloud for "Interactive" rather than "Static" engagement with select fans will benefit significantly from mashies over selfies.


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